What To Do When A Pipe Bursts

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Finding burst pipe water damage in a home or business may seem like a time to panic. But it’s best to stay calm and begin remedying the situation as quickly as possible. Working quickly, but methodically, is the best way to minimize any water damage from a plumbing leak and potential mold and mildew growth as a result of burst pipes.

Find The Water Shut-Off Valve

Every home and business has a water shut-off valve, along with each appliance or fixture that uses water. If you don’t know where the shut-offs are located, take a few minutes to identify them in your home or business and make note of the locations. This information will be helpful if there’s ever a burst pipe or other issue with your plumbing in Gainesville in the future.

Whole House Water

Turning off the water to an entire house or business is recommended in most situations, such as a burst pipe in the wall. The location of the shut-off valve will depend on whether water for the home is supplied by a well or municipal water line, as is common in cities. For a well, the shut-off can generally be found on the side of the pressure tank facing the home. It’s recommended to also turn off power to the pressure tank. This helps prevent the water pump motor from burning out.

For homes connected to a municipal water line, the whole house shut-off valve is usually on one side of the water meter. The meter may be inside the home, near the location in which the water line connects to the house, for example. Most water meters are located outside the home near the front curb in a marked concrete box.

Clothes Washer

Look behind the washing machine for the household water-supply lines — the shut-off valve should be located next to the washer hoses.

Whole House Hot Water

The hot water heater should have at least one shut-off valve, located on the cold water inlet pipe. The majority of hot water heaters also have a shut-off valve for the hot water outlet pipe, usually denoted with a red-colored handle. When this valve is closed, there will be no hot water in the entire home or business.


The shut-off for the toilet is usually found under the tank and has a ribbed oval handle.


Similar to a toilet shut-off, the sink shut-off has two handles — one for cold water, the other for hot — beneath the sink bowl or inside the cabinet or vanity.


Check under the kitchen sink for the shut-off valve. This shut-off has a reducer coupling and valve to the dishwasher and the hot water line.

Turn Off The Electricity

Water and electricity never mix, especially when there’s a busted pipe under the house, for example. Turn off the electricity to the home or business as soon as possible to prevent electrocution, fires, and other hazards.

Drain Remaining Water From Pipes & Fixtures

Once the water and electricity are turned off, let any remaining water in the pipes and fixtures drain out. This is done by turning on hot and cold water taps and flushing all toilets. Removing the leftover water in the plumbing stops will stop the leak and allow the plumbers in Gainesville to begin repairs upon arrival.

Call Gainesville Plumbing Professionals

Burst pipe repair is rarely a do-it-yourself job. The sooner you call the professional Gainesville plumbers with Quality Plumbing of Gainesville Inc., the faster the issue can be repaired, and the more likely you can avoid further water damage. Plus, our 24-hour emergency service means whenever you have a plumbing emergency, you can count on us!