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Many homeowners find the constant dripping of a leaky faucet annoying, but they still see it as a minor issue. However, as Gainesville plumbers, we’ve seen how even the smallest plumbing leaks can turn into major problems if they’re not fixed early. For example, a loose toilet that rattles might be one of those small odd-jobs you’ve been meaning to get fixed, but for every day it’s unaddressed, that toilet is creating a growing plumbing emergency in the subfloor or ceiling below.

Some plumbing leaks you can repair yourself. Whether it’s in a residential home or a commercial building, there are common causes and easy fixes for many plumbing issues. Other leaks might be too complicated for a do-it-yourself repair in which case you’ll want to call a plumber in Gainesville.

There are also leaks that can signal an imminent plumbing emergency such as with a water heater or washing machine. If an emergency occurs, it’s helpful to know in advance the names of plumbers in Gainesville who offer 24-hour emergency access.

What to Do If You Have A Plumbing Leak

When you have a leak in your plumbing, the first step is to try and find its source. Once you know the source of the water leak, you’ll want to try a common DIY repair. But if the leak persists, or if you don’t feel comfortable attempting repairs, the next step is to call local plumbers in Gainesville.

Bathroom Plumbing Leaks

Maybe the most common bathroom leak is a splash leak around the edge of the shower. This happens when water goes passed the shower’s sliding door or curtain and sits on the adjacent flooring. Adding caulking to the door’s edge or a splash guard to the curtain can often be the remedy for a splash leak. Meanwhile, if you suspect a drain leak in the tub, you can test for this by plugging the drain, filling the tub with water, marking the water level, and checking back after an hour to see if the level decreased. If it did, you might have water leaking around the drain, in which case removing the drain and adding caulking around its edge before re-attaching it might solve the issue.

Sink Plumbing Leaks

Whether it’s in the bathroom, the kitchen, or another area of your home, sink leaks can pop up without warning. A good indication you have a leak is when you spot puddles or mold in the cabinet or area beneath the sink. Before calling for Gainesville plumbing repairs, locate any joints or connections in the sink pipes and touch them with a dry paper towel. If you detect water, temporarily shutting off the water supply and caulking the area can provide a solution.

When You Should Call A Plumber

As a homeowner, keep in mind that the time to call for residential plumbing repairs in Gainesville is when you spot a leak. Even after you’ve attempted a DIY repair, if that leak continues in any form, it needs professional attention. What you shouldn’t do is ignore a plumbing leak. No matter how small it might seem, the water from a leak is going someplace you don’t want it to, and the damage it causes is often concealed behind walls or beneath the flooring.

Particularly for business owners, it’s important to call for Gainesville commercial plumbing repairs as soon as a persistent leak occurs because the costs of doing nothing could be significant. In a commercial building, the number of times employees or customers use the plumbing fixtures in a bathroom or a kitchen is much higher than in a family home. And each time someone runs water in a leaking sink, for example, the damage caused by the leak can expand.

What Is A Plumbing Emergency?

There’s no single definition for a plumbing emergency, but in general these incidents can happen after a plumbing leak is neglected long enough to cause substantial damage. Finding a plumber who offers emergency services is important in these cases, especially since they can occur outside of normal work hours. Also, some home fixtures are more likely to lead to a plumbing emergency, so it’s helpful to keep an eye out for leaks with these to prevent the worst from happening.

Water Heater Leaks

Water heaters are a common source of plumbing emergencies. Puddles of water around the unit, for example, can indicate either a faulty valve or a tank leak. In both cases, if the problem isn’t addressed, the water heater can burst and flood the surrounding area.

Toilet Leaks

Some toilet leaks involve the water supply or tank, but a leak in the flange can often be the source of a plumbing emergency. The flange is at the base of the toilet, and if the toilet becomes loose from the floor, it can disrupt the pipe connection and water can start to spread outward from the flange with every flush. Left unaddressed, a flange leak can cause the flooring beneath the toilet to collapse.

Washing Machine Leaks

It takes a lot of water to do a load of laundry in the washing machine, and the source of that water is a supply hose connected to the unit. Even a slight dripping of water from that hose can be a warning sign that it might soon burst. Replacing the hose, however, can prevent a plumbing emergency.

Why Choose Quality Plumbing of Gainesville Inc.

Right after you’ve found a persistent leak in your home or commercial building is the time to call Quality Plumbing of Gainesville Inc. Left unaddressed, there’s always the potential that dripping faucet, drain, or shower, which is only slightly annoying now, could become a plumbing emergency later. But even if the worst happens, we offer 24-hour emergency services to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Additionally, our plumbers are certified, which means you can trust their expertise and expect nothing short of high-quality work with no shortcuts. The best proof of why you should choose Quality Plumbing of Gainesville Inc., however, is our customers’ reviews, which you can read on our website.