Outdoor Fixture Installation & Repair Plumbing Services

Florida residents spend a lot of time outdoors year-round thanks to our great weather. Maybe you’d like to add an outdoor bathroom to complement the pool or a sink for washing up while grilling. Whatever the reason, Quality Plumbing of Gainesville Inc. offers installation and repair services for outdoor fixtures throughout our North Central Florida service area.


This construction is different than the physical construction of the shower. You’ll want a shower unit made of materials that can hold up to the subtropical climate found in Florida. Stainless steel usually withstands salt in both the water and air better than brass and is easier to clean.

Inlet Options

The location of your new bathroom may be more open and have a scent of nature, but our installation process is still the same. Gainesville plumbers know these outdoor fixtures are popular, even if the home doesn’t have a pool. Outdoor bathrooms can be basic — simply a toilet and sink in an enclosed area. Others are more elaborate, incorporating a shower with natural vegetation in the yard.


Knowing which accessories come with your shower prior to installation can prevent surprises down the road. Many people choose to either upgrade or downgrade the shower head after installation, but you’ll want to know which size is supported before changing it out. Other outdoor showers may need separate or extra water supply lines installed.

Wall-Mounted or Freestanding

Wall-mounted showers are advantageous from a plumbing perspective, but a freestanding shower can make more sense for an isolated spot. Since wall-mounted outdoor showers are often enclosed, they are able to better withstand weather-related events than a freestanding shower.

Outdoor Water Features

Outdoor water features encompass anything from a faucet to full irrigation systems. Plumbers in Gainesville, FL have installed waterfalls and fountains, projects which turned a mundane backyard into your private space of tranquility. Quality Plumbing of Gainesville Inc. has installed outdoor sinks as part of an outdoor kitchen and others installed near a garden for quick clean up outside.

Call A Trusted Plumber in Gainesville

The video you found online seemed straightforward for installing an outdoor shower. Or your neighbor’s brother made repairing an outdoor bathroom sound easy. Save time and money down the road and call Quality Plumbing of Gainesville Inc., your trusted Gainesville area plumbers instead. We’ve installed and repaired outdoor fixtures for more than 30 years and will get your outdoor retreat back to work quickly.

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