Dripping faucets, clogged drains, and leaking pipes are some of the most common problems residential plumbers are called on to repair. Whether you need a simple fix that you’d just prefer to have a professional plumber handle or you’re dealing with a situation that requires emergency plumbing services, our technicians in Newberry, FL, located in Alachua County, are available around the clock.

Plumbing Repair Services in Newberry, FL

Clogged toilets and drains are situations most homeowners face at least once if not several times. A simple clog can be fixed using a plunger and commercial drain cleaners sometimes help, but frequently the issue is more complex or serious. Your child or grandchild may have flushed an object that is too large to fit through the pipes or doesn’t dissolve properly. More serious problems arise when tree roots find their way into pipes. Moisture that escapes from a crack or a loose-fitting joint draw the roots to the pipe, where they find their way inside through the crack and continue growing until they’ve completely filled the pipe. When these serious problems occur in Alachua County, we can provide the home plumbing service you need to find the location of the clog and repair it.

Water leaks from a faucet can become so annoying they keep you up at night, and they’re costing you money too. As full-service plumbers, we’ll take a look at the faucets in your bathrooms and kitchen to assess how best to handle the necessary plumbing repair. A dripping faucet may simply need a new washer, but sometimes the repair is more extensive. Water leaking from a faucet’s base may require a new rubber ring that fits around the handle or possible new metals nuts. If these repairs don’t solve the problem, we can find plumbing solutions that help determine whether the drips are occurring due to leaking pipes. If a leaking pipe isn’t evident or is allowed to continue too long, your home’s foundation or walls could be compromised. We use specialized tools to search for leaks and cracks that would otherwise go undetected in pipes.

In emergency situations, you need your leak fixed or your pipe unclogged as soon as possible. We offer emergency plumbing services 24 hours a day in the Alachua County, FL, area. Whether your toilet has begun to overflow or a water pipe has suddenly broken, spewing water all over your home, you need a plumber quickly. We offer home plumbing services on an emergency basis in the evening, overnight and on weekends. We can handle the immediate emergency and then offer options that will ensure the problem doesn’t occur again.

If you’re a business owner or landlord, you have a monetary interest in making sure your property is functional. We can find and repair leaks and clogs and install necessary updated equipment when warranted. When you’re looking for full-service plumbers, let us show you how we can offer you the plumbing repair you need.