How To Safely Remove Glass From The Garbage Disposal

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It can happen quickly — a glass set too close to the sink gets knocked in or slips from your hands while rinsing it out, shattering faster than you can blink and sending shards down into the unknown depths of your garbage disposal. Simply reaching your hand in can result in serious cuts, and turning the disposal on can send glass flying or damage the motor. While you might be ready to call in backup, Quality Plumbing of Gainesville Inc. has some tips for safely removing glass from the garbage disposal yourself. Quality Plumbing can provide top-notch plumbing services no matter your needs and when you need them!

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Turn Off Power

Before doing anything, cut power to the garbage disposal so you can’t turn it on accidentally while trying to extract the glass. Next, turn the garbage disposal off at the switch and then flip off the circuit breaker connected to the garbage disposal. This ensures no one can turn it on, but it may also cut the lights in your kitchen, depending on how the circuit breaker is set up, so it’s a good idea to have another source of light.

Use A Tool, Not Your Hands

Even with the power off, you should never stick your hands into the garbage disposal, especially one that’s full of glass. Instead, use a tool that fits into the garbage disposal and can pinch up pieces of glass, such as a pair of needle-nose pliers or tongs. Additionally, use your chosen tool to move the blades around to clear any glass that may be underneath the blade.

Vacuum It Out

If you have a shop vac, bring it inside and use the long-head attachment to begin clearing the rest of the glass from the sink drain. Slowly move the vacuum head around in the drain, manually pushing the garbage disposal blades as you go. If you’re using a tapered attachment, be mindful that larger pieces are being fully suctioned up and not just sticking to the end of the head. Exercise caution while using the vacuum.

Turn Power Back On

Periodically shine a flashlight into the drain as you’re cleaning it, and once you’re sure that you’ve cleared the drain of glass, turn the power back on to the garbage disposal at the breaker box. Next, run some water, then flip the switch on for the garbage disposal. If you hear any grinding, turn off the garbage disposal immediately and begin picking and vacuuming out shards again.

Call In The Professionals

If you cannot fully clear your drain, don’t have access to the tools mentioned above, or just aren’t comfortable doing it yourself, don’t hesitate to call in the professionals. Our trusted plumbers in Gainesville can perform drain cleaning and even perform a video camera pipe inspection to ensure everything is clear and working right.