Love Hot Showers? You May Want To Cool It Down

Love Hot Showers? You May Want To Cool It Down Banner Image

When you think of relaxation, you may picture a day at the spa, perhaps in a steam room, sauna, or jacuzzi. At home, you may think of a nice, hot shower. And, yes, while hot showers can help relax the body and mind, there are plenty of reasons why one might choose to lower the temperature instead.

Whether you prefer a bathtub or a shower, you may want to give cold water a chance. Read on to learn more and contact our Gainesville plumbers for all your residential plumbing needs, including bathtub and shower repairs.

Silky Hair & Smooth Skin

The one thing you should remember is that warm water opens your skin pores and hair follicles. Cold water does exactly the opposite. With this in mind, you can start thinking about which temperature is best for your skin and hair type, as well as whatever it is that you’re doing. If you’re washing your hair, it makes sense to use warm water to open your hair follicles so as to clean more thoroughly. After rinsing or on any other day, you may want to go for cold water to close those follicles and retain your hair’s natural oils. The same goes for your skin.

Wake Up Faster

Like cats’ own aversion to baths, most of us flinch to the touch of a cold shower. But, this same instinctual response could be used in your favor. If you’re a morning person (or need to be one by necessity), you could, in essence, shock your body with cold water to wake up. This shock that we experience is actually our oxygen intake and heart rate increasing in response to the temperature change. The result is a quick rush of alertness that essentially wakes you up. Conversely, if you shower before going to bed, you may not want to turn the temperature down.

The last thing you need on your way to work in the mornings is a clogged shower drain. If you notice any serious problems with your shower or bathtub plumbing, contact a licensed plumber with Quality Plumbing of Gainesville Inc. right away. While you may be able to remediate small clogs with a plunger or snake, if the drain keeps clogging, you may be dealing with larger plumbing problems that should be dealt with by professionals sooner rather than later.

Train Your Mind

This one may sound strange at first, but given our natural reluctance for cold showers, you could, in theory, exercise your willpower by willingly putting yourself in such an uncomfortable situation. In other words, forcing yourself to have cold showers could help develop your tolerance and perseverance. Want to commit to a morning jog schedule or lower your time in front of a screen? Taking a cold shower in the morning might just be the push you need to take control of your schedule.

No matter your daily routine, you and your family deserve uninterrupted access to water. In the event of a water outage, don’t hesitate to contact our plumbers in Gainesville, FL. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency plumbing services. Whether it’s a burst pipe, clogged drain, water heater leak, or overflowing toilet, we have the tools and expertise to deal with the problem quickly and efficiently.