Because Floridians are lucky enough to enjoy mild weather each coming winter, the idea of frozen water pipes may never come to mind as a potential threat to homeowners. Plumbing experts know temperatures can drop just enough to freeze pipes, transforming your average Florida winter day into a disaster. These steps from Quality Plumbing of Gainesville Inc. can help you ensure your home is prepared for temperature drops, saving you time and money down the line.

Plumbing Company For Cold Weather Repairs

When temperatures drop, plumbers know how important it is for homeowners to be prepared. To help you keep your system working efficiently, experts at Quality Plumbing of Gainesville Inc. recommend that homeowners protect their pipes with insulation, keep cold air outside and maintain warm temperatures inside homes.

Keep Cold Air Outside

A great way to prevent pipes from freezing indoors is to address areas of the home surrounding the pipes. Gainesville plumbers recommend homeowners make sure all windows and doors are firmly shut in the home to prevent cold air from blowing in and to keep warm air circulating in the house.

Spend Now To Save Later

When temperatures are extreme, utility bills increase. To maintain warmth in your home and prevent pipes from freezing, open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors under sinks to allow warm indoor air to circulate around pipes. To make this work, your home will have to be at a warm temperature to begin with, even if you’re not home. While the idea of keeping the thermostat turned up might concern some folks in the short term, keeping your home’s indoor temperature low could lead to hefty long-term costs in emergency plumbing repairs should pipes freeze and burst.

Insulate All Exposed Pipes

To keep pipes from freezing, start by insulating pipes that may be exposed to severe winds or freezing temperatures, including pipes that run through unheated spaces of your home like the garage, basement and attic. Be sure to purchase pipe insulation from your local hardware store and use it to wrap all exposed pipe surfaces, not just cold water pipes, as all pipes are susceptible to freezing and bursting. This includes insulating outdoor faucets and spouts as well.

Know What To Do If Pipes Freeze

When cold weather arrives, plumbers gear up for frequent service calls. In cold-weather months, homeowners frequently contact plumbing companies about frozen and burst pipes in their homes. Experts at Quality Plumbing of Gainesville Inc. offer advice to help homeowners deal with these problems while they wait for the plumber to arrive.

Thaw Pipes The Right Way

If you notice water trickling or not flowing at all from your pipe, it’s likely frozen. First, identify which pipe or pipes are frozen. Next, make sure the pipe’s coordinating faucet or valve is left open prior to thawing it. To thaw frozen pipes, plumbers recommend using heat guns or hair dryers as opposed to using open flames or torches. Continue defrosting the pipe until water flows through freely. Last, turn your faucet or valve off to conserve water.

Address Pipes That Have Burst

When you realize a frozen pipe has burst, the first thing you should do is turn off your home’s main water valve to prevent more water from seeping out and causing damage to your home. If the burst pipe is in your home, be sure to shut off electricity as well to avoid electrocution. Next, contact a plumber to repair the burst pipe. Quality Plumbing of Gainesville Inc. is your trusted source for plumbing repairs in Gainesville.

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