Everything You Should Know About Hydro Jetting

Everything You Should Know About Hydro Jetting Banner Image

Hydro jetting, also known as hydro-jetting, water jetting, high pressure jetting, and high-pressure pipe cleaning, can clear the toughest clogs in drains and sewer lines. Hydro jetting uses concentrated, high-pressure water streams to blast through clogs and remove scale buildup. While it may not be the answer to all plumbing issues, such as a tree root growing through a pipe, it can be an excellent option in many cases. Check out more facts about hydro jetting below.

If your drains are slow to clear or they’re not draining at all, schedule hydro jetting with Quality Plumbing of Gainesville Inc. Our professional plumbers can assess the issue with a plumbing camera inspection to ensure it’s right for you.

It’s Safe For Pipes

A number one question we get is “is hydro jetting safe for pipes?” And our answer is a resounding yes! When an experienced plumbing company delivers hydro jet drain cleaning, they use diagnostic tools to determine the reason for the plumbing issue before deciding on water jetting services. In fact, hydro jetting is actually better for pipes than snaking or using chemicals in most instances.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

While it’s easy to go to the store to grab some chemical solution in an attempt to alleviate plumbing problems, this practice introduces harmful chemicals and silica sand into the wastewater system. Because hydro jetting only uses water, there is no concern about contamination and you can do your part to help the environment while still having clean running pipes.

The Treatment Is Customizable

Because plumbing so rarely comes with one-size-fits-all solutions, the high-pressure water jet cleaning machine allows for the technician to adjust the intensity of the water blast, or pound per square inch (psi). This power can range from 7,000 psi to 60,000 psi. Even the attachments for the head where the water sprays out can be switched to provide direct or indirect sprays for the most efficient cleaning.

It Packs A Serious Punch

While it’s safe for pipes, you definitely don’t want to be on the other end of the jet once it starts going. That’s because the machine uses high pressure to force the water out, which is what makes it so great at clearing clogs. Professionals at drain cleaning companies actually wear protective equipment so they won’t be inadvertently hurt while cleaning out pipes.

It’s Been Around For Awhile

While the technology might seem new, hydro jetting has actually been around for more than eighty years. The reason why many people may not be aware of it is because, during most of this time, it was too expensive for most families or businesses to afford. In fact, the machinery used to be so bulky that it required several plumbers at once to use it. Thankfully, the machinery today is more compact and water jetting services have never been more affordable!