6 Bad Bathroom Habits To Break

6 Bad Bathroom Habits To Break Banner Image

From getting ready for the day to restroom breaks, your home’s bathroom sees a lot of use throughout the day. Unfortunately, frequent bad bathroom habits could put your bathroom and its plumbing under some serious strain. Even worse, you may not even notice that they are bad habits if you have been doing them for a while. Thankfully, our plumbers in Gainesville at Quality Plumbing of Gainesville Inc. have outlined some bad bathroom habits that you might need to change.

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Not Using Your Ventilation System

After a nice hot shower or bath, you might notice some excess moisture around your bathroom, which could eventually lead to mold growth. Using your bathroom’s ventilation system will help to remove any excess moisture. We also recommend wiping down your shower or bathtub after each use, as this will also help to prevent mold.

Not Using The Right Plunger

There are two different types of plungers, the cup plunger and the flange plunger, both used for different functions. Cup plungers are designed to fit over sink drains but are less effective at plunging toilets. The flange plunger has an extra flap to help create a seal on curved surfaces, making the flange plunger more effective at plunging toilets. However, using the wrong plunger can damage your toilet, sink, or pipes. Therefore, we recommend keeping both types of plungers on hand but only using each for their designated purpose.

Flushing Your “Flushable” Wipes

While it may seem like you can flush “flushable” wipes, they aren’t as flushable as you might think. As opposed to toilet paper, which is designed to break down when flushed, wipes are made out of a synthetic material that is difficult for your pipes to break down. These can make a mess out of your sewer system and pipes, so if you have to use them, we recommend just tossing them in the trash.

Flushing Feminine Hygiene Products

Feminine hygiene products were designed to absorb water, so when flushed, there is a good chance that they will expand in your pipes, leading to a clog. So instead of flushing them down the toilet, we recommend wrapping them in toilet paper or paper towels and throwing them in the trash. This will save your pipes and save you money from having to remedy that clog.

Flushing Hair Down The Shower Drain

Hair is often unavoidable as it grows constantly, and most people have a lot of hair, making it seem impossible to avoid getting your hair down the drain. When hair is flushed down the shower drain, it may cause your drains to clog, or it can slow down your pipes. We recommend installing a drain catcher to help catch the hair and other potential things that can cause clogs from entering your pipes.

Using Chemical Drain Cleaner

While it may seem like chemical drain cleaners can help your pipes, they actually can cause more harm than good! Over time, chemical drain cleaners can lead to leaks and even burst pipes. Instead of chemicals, contact our Gainesville plumbers to have your pipes professionally cleaned using hydro-jetting, which is used to clear away dirty pipes without hurting them.