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Whole House Filtration & Salt-Free Water Softening

Water touches every part of you and your loved ones’ lives. That’s why our whole house system supports your family, home, and the environment without using electricity or salt discharge. Whether your home is a tiny home or an expansive estate, our eco-friendly water filtration system reduces sediment, chemicals, and more.

  •  Reduces Chlorine Reduces Chlorine
  • Removes Sediment Removes Sediment
  • Truly Eco-Friendly Truly Eco-Friendly
  • Filters Chemicals Filters Chemicals
  • Prevents 99.9% of Scale Prevents 99.9% of Scale
  • Versatile Versatile
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Pure Filtration Power

Most home water filtration systems make you pick between filtration and softening. With Enviro Water Products’ whole house system, you have both in five simple steps.

Stage 1

Stage 1

A high-efficiency 5-micron filter screens sand, silt, and debris.

Stage 2 & 3

Stage 2 & 3

Scores of chemicals &contaminants are filtered by high-grade activated carbons.

Stage 4

Stage 4

Algae and bacterial growth diminish through bacteriostatic copper-zinc oxidation.

Stage 5

Stage 5

No salt or chemicals means less hard water and side effects.

An Upgrade For Your Entire Home

Utility Room

  • Less detergent needed for washing clothes.
  • Washing machine isn’t damaged by scale build-up, lasting longer.


  • Less soap scum on shower & sink surfaces for cleaner appearance.
  • Plumbing & fixtures won’t corrode & rust.


  • Dishwasher & other appliances run more efficiently.
  • Higher quality drinking water for your family & pets.

Whole House

  • Plumbing is more reliable without corrosion & rust.
  • Improved indoor air quality without lingering chemical odors.