Plumbing is perhaps one of the most important commodities of modern life, but most of us never give it a second thought. That is, until something goes wrong. When you’ve got a burst pipe or a clogged toilet, your plumber is suddenly the most important person in the world. Gainesville plumbers at Quality Plumbing of Gainesville Inc. list the top five things they wish people knew about plumbers to avoid emergency plumbing services.

1. Plumbing Repairs Now Can Save Money Later

Don’t wait until you have a major problem to call a plumber. Many plumbing issues can be avoided with regular maintenance. Septic tanks, for example, should be pumped regularly, and this will depend on the size of your family compared to the size of your septic tank. Avoiding maintenance and procrastinating on repairs is the surest path to emergency plumbing repairs. Hiring an experienced plumber is vital to ensure that you are getting the most out of your plumbing with high-quality plumbing repairs. Contact us to schedule plumbing services today.

2. Plumbers Know When You Pour Grease Down The Drain

It may seem obvious that the worst issues plumbers face are bathroom-related, but our plumbers insist that that’s not actually true: kitchen waste can be worse and more destructive on the plumbing system as a whole. When fats, oil, and grease (FOG) are poured down the drain, they cool and solidify in the pipes, causing blockages and foul odors. Luckily, this is easy to avoid with regular maintenance and drain cleaning.

3. Plumbers Know What You Put Down The Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal is not built to handle a lot of the substances that people deposit in them. Our Gainesville plumbers recommend avoiding dumping anything that isn’t meant to be placed in the garbage disposal. While it may be tempting to throw scraps from the dinner table or bits of trash down the disposal, this can cause plumbing problems in the future. Our plumbers also recommend cleaning your garbage disposal with lemon juice and ice. The ice knocks food matter and debris free of the blades, and lemon juice helps with any unpleasant odors.

4. Plumbers Also Work With Gas

Everyone knows that plumbers handle water and sewage issues, but fewer people know that plumbers also work on gas lines for stoves, fireplaces, and other fixtures and appliances in a home or business. For problems with gas fixtures and appliances, or if you think you have a gas leak, call a plumber. Remember that if the issue is a threat to your safety, call the gas company and ask them to turn off your gas immediately.

5. Plumbers Hate Over-The-Counter Drain Cleaners

These products are often the bane of every plumber’s existence. For one thing, they often don’t work. If they do seem to have fixed a clog, the solution is usually only temporary as it’s likely the clog was pushed further down the drain. It’s also likely the issue will reappear in a few weeks or months. Secondly, drain cleaners can cause damage to pipes. The chemicals in drain cleaners are extremely harsh and can cause corrosion in the drainage system, damaging the system you were trying to save. Using over-the-counter drain cleaners greatly increases the chances that you’ll need to call in an emergency plumber in the future. If you do use these products, let your plumber know about any chemicals you’ve poured in the drain.