When people decide to host parties at home, they have so much to think about. With cleaning, decorating, figuring out the guest list and choosing the food and drinks to be served, hosts rarely consider the impact big crowds can have on their home plumbing systems. But many visitors taking turns to use your kitchen and restrooms continuously throughout the evening of afternoon could result in embarrassing plumbing disasters that may cut the celebration short. Take these preventive measures to reduce the risk of your pipes clogging up and ruining the mood.


Food preparation for more than a few guests can take a toll on your Gainesville plumbing fixtures. If you plan to cook before the party, do it carefully. You will probably use many ingredients and cook portions larger than usual, which may result in utensils and food scattered all over the place. But even if the rest of the kitchen is a mess, try to keep the sink clear to prevent unwanted food or objects from sliding down the drain. Rice, pasta, fat, bones and vegetable peels can clog drains and damage garbage disposals, especially when large portions are thrown in at a time. Become accustomed to tossing scraps in the trash can whenever possible and instruct guests to do the same. Always use water when running the disposal and for at least 30 seconds after all the food has cleared. Cold water is preferable because it can help solidify and break apart grease instead of letting it flow further down the drain as a liquid that can later congeal and block the pipes. Cool water also reduces the risk of the disposal’s mechanical parts overheating. If your garbage disposal becomes clogged, turn it off and shut off the water. Don’t try to reach into it with your bare hands or pour harsh chemicals into it to treat the clog. Instead, use a plunger or call plumbers in Gainesville, FL.


One of the most important things you can do to protect the plumbing fixtures in your bathroom is educate guests on what can and cannot go down the toilet. Commonly flushed items such as napkins, paper towels, facial tissues, wet wipes and feminine products are often the culprits of clogged toilets. As a good rule of thumb, anything other than toilet paper should go in the trash can. Facilitate this by placing a trash can big enough for the number of guests inside the bathroom. Also, inform guests about any pre-existing plumbing issues, such as the toilet handle requiring a little jiggle or a few seconds of holding it down to flush. Spread the word and post a sign in the bathroom as a constant reminder.

Gainesville Plumbers to the Rescue

Even if the party goes on without a disaster, it’s a good idea to inspect all your plumbing fixtures after the guests leave to make sure everything is working smoothly. Some issues take a while build up and become noticeable a day or two after the event. Quality Plumbing of Gainesville Inc. has a team of plumbers Gainesville party hosts can call in an emergency. We can unclog and/or perform repairs on drains, sewers, water supply lines, heaters, faucets, showers, bathtubs and outdoor fixtures. If anything about your plumbing system seems off, call us right away!

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